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"Money isn't the root of all evil. Poverty is." Silvia Hartmann

The New Psychology of Achievement"The Psychology of Achievement was the first personal development product I ever bought. I can honestly say it changed my life. If you're new to PD, this might be a good product to consider to get started with. I recommend it most fondly."  SFX, Site Owner, MindMillion.com


Money Inspiration

Inspiration and inspiring things to help a person achieve wealth, money, and a good life.

Inspirational Story The Egg

Inspirational Story The Egg

A golden egg symbolising all our potential for riches, wealth and more ...

This is a wonderful short metaphor story to help us keep our faith, and work towards making our dreams come true without a fail.

Find inspiration with The Golden Egg by Silvia Hartmann.

Posted Jul 20, 2010 98 Reads More ...

Energy Not Money

Energy Not Money

There are times when it isn't actually money that's required to solve a problem, but in fact energy - attention, will, focus, people rolling up their sleeves and getting to work.

This is an important article; in true wealth creation, it isn't all about just having more money to spend at all.

Posted Jul 20, 2010 34 Reads More ...

Energy Of Money Experiences With EmoTrance

Energy Of Money Experiences With EmoTrance

A collection of working with the energy of money DIRECTLY through the body, bypassing all the many thoughts and ideas we have about money, bringing it back to basics, and healing our relationship with money and all it stands for.

Interesting, try it for yourself.

Posted Jul 20, 2010 107 Reads More ...
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SuperGoals: Set A Goal - Heart & Soul! by Silvia Hartmann SuperGoals: Set A Goal - Heart & Soul! by Silvia Hartmann This unique Energy Hypnosis goal setting session, created by Silvia Hartmann, gets us aligned and into contact with most if not all of ourself, and from there, a new form of goal emerges - a SuperGoal, something that is truly important and agreed on by ...

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