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"Becoming rich isn't so difficult if you believe it." Silvia Hartmann

The New Psychology of Achievement"The Psychology of Achievement was the first personal development product I ever bought. I can honestly say it changed my life. If you're new to PD, this might be a good product to consider to get started with. I recommend it most fondly."  SFX, Site Owner, MindMillion.com


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I am in between projects so I'm amusing myself with tidying up some of our many websites. In the course of this, I came across one of my oldest ones and noted in passing that there was a site in the link directory which I knew didn't exist any longer. When I came to remove the link, I got curious and tested some of the other links.

Frankly, I AM SHOCKED at what I found.

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Monday Morning Meditation For Business Success

Monday Morning Meditation For Business Success

This article is about combining good business practice with a bit of magic, thought and intention to create an ongoing boost for your business and help you educate, inform, highlight, advertise about your business to everyone you are in contact with.

It's simple, straightforward and doesn't take more than ten or fifteen minutes first thing on a Monday morning - before you open ANY email.

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Money Hypnosis For The Credit Crunch

Money Hypnosis For The Credit Crunch Our sister site Hypnodreams.org has been inundated with requests for a "magic money hypnosis" program.

So we have requested one, and it is now available: The Money River.

Release your money stress, let the Money River wash away your money sins, and emerged refreshed, recharged, calm, cool and READY FOR ACTION!
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Google Love - Five Top Tips To Make Google Love Your Site

Silvia Hartmann writes: Trying to fight Google or be cleverer somehow is pointless, destructive and the wrong attitude. Learn to LOVE Google and work WITH IT instead - and it will send you streams upon streams of people. It's as easy as pie if you follow these straightforward instructions.
Posted May 14, 2005 4,935 Reads Learn More ->

Use Your Sig!

So you thought signature lines on emails or in forums are just an add-on like a cheap classified advert? That only few if anyone ever reads or takes a notice of?

Ah, you'd be very wrong if you thought that, indeed! Sig lines can be so much more than just this one I'm currently running:
Posted Sep 30, 2005 4,142 Reads Learn More ->
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