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"If money is your hope for independence you will never have it. The only real security that a man will have in this world is a reserve of knowledge, experience, and ability." Henry Ford

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This course is no longer available. We recommend Silvia Hartmann's "MindMillion" to help boost your wealth creation and change your attitudes towards money. Get your eBook copy here.

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Mind Over Money Course


You have now at your fingertips a course like no other - this WILL make you work smarter, harder, more focussed, more creatively and it will exercise your mind as well.

The unique exercises in this course I created for you will reduce stress, help you stay on track with your daily tasks, give you new ideas and just sometimes, they will even make you smile!

There are many different exercises, all of which can be done in just a minute, which will help you stay on track to create your own personal wealth in its widest definition.

Each exercise will give you a boost of energy, inspiration, encouragement and help you create the structures you need to make poverty and lack of money flow a thing of the past.

You will receive a free exercise every three days. Do the exercise right away and if you keep to that program, you have here a powerful and very special prosperity course in which YOUR mind, YOUR body, YOUR heart and YOUR business is what we are talking about, and what we are dealing with at all times.

To get the best from this course, I encourage you to read through each exercise, and simply have a go.

Benefits of MM course no 1Exercise YOUR Wealthy Mind!

Not every exercise will suit everyone, of course, but it is true that in attempting these exercises, especially the ones which may feel a little unusual at first, we really do expand our minds, flex our capabilities and get smarter as we go along.

You will find that after a short time, many of the "mental moves" will become much easier to do.

Your "vision" will improve; your clarity and your focus, your ability to think logically, to think fast expands, and you might also find that your intuition and instinct begin to improve.


De-Stress For REAL Wealth!

The second important benefit of this course are the stress releasing aspects of many of the techniques.

All exercises have a focus on true wealth, but they are also designed to calm us down, make us feel better, stronger, and help us think more logically, more reasonably and more clearly.

This is very important, especially for long term wealth and security, and much more so than most people will ever realise.

Benefits of MM course no 3Develop A GREAT Attitude To Wealth!

The third important benefit of these exercises is to develop your strength of mind and a flexible, responsive attitude to the circumstances in which you find yourself.

This is priceless and one of the main features that those who find true wealth and happiness in their lives have in common.

  • Every so often, you will find an exercise that will really set you alight. I suggest you make a note of those exercises and practise them more often.

Make these exercises a part of your life. Allow them to support you, to help you, to encourage you in moments of doubt. Keep them close by and use them to find YOUR own true wealth, in every way. I wish nothing more than that, for you.

And now, and as time waits for no man or woman, let's get started right away with the first of our Mind Over Money exercises.

Work hard, work smart, stay light, keep cool!

With my best wishes,

Silvia Hartmann,
Author, The 60 Second Wealth Creators

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