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"Empty pockets never held anyone back. Only empty heads and empty hearts can do that." NV Peale

The New Psychology of Achievement"The Psychology of Achievement was the first personal development product I ever bought. I can honestly say it changed my life. If you're new to PD, this might be a good product to consider to get started with. I recommend it most fondly."  SFX, Site Owner, MindMillion.com


Wealth Exercises Online Now

Wealth Exercises Online Now

MindMillion is all about using our intelligence, creativity and innate power to create better realities for ourselves. People have all sorts of mental and energy blockages about earning money and being truly happy and wealthy in the widest possible meaning of those terms.

An extremely good and pleasant way to achieve these changes is by playing games - people learn best by play, that's how they were designed to learn by nature.

So I came up with 365 different games to play for prosperity, increasing prosperity consciousness, learning new thinking strategies from rich and successful people, changing our minds on many topics, expanding our capacity for generating new ideas, taking out old limiting beliefs and providing good ideas for people who are actively engaged in earning money in the real world.

These are the 60 Second Wealth Creators (because they should not take much longer than a minute to read, and a minute to do, each one; and as there's 365, there's a brand new one for every day of the year. As it has been noted, this is a personal wealth course like no other.

We have put a selection of the wealth exercises online so people can have a go - these exercises are all motivational, inspirational, educational and stress relieving as well.

Do A 60 Second WEALTH Exercise Online Right Now!


The 60 Second Wealth Boosters!

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Posted Jan 27, 2009   
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