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"Money isn't the root of all evil. Poverty is." Silvia Hartmann

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What's So Different About MindMillion?!

What's So Different About MindMillion?!

Now there's a HEAP of networking and inspirational lists and books to do with marketing and copywriting and business on the web.

We may ask, what's different about MindMillion?

I just got the answer to that, re-reading my post on "Auntie's tips on copywriting".

The difference is that we have ways and means to control our emotions. We have these techniques and we take that for granted at the baseline that we do.

That is a HUGE difference, much huger than one might think at first glance.

For example, this afternoon Nicola and I were talking about our expensive ezine ad.

Jokingly I said, "What ARE we going to do if it all goes hideously wrong? HOW are we going to cope with the terrible disappointment?!"

And Nicola responded dryly, "EmoTrance, I guess ..."

Right ...

You can also say, "EFT I guess ..." if you're not quite there yet with the old soften'n'flow in the moment.

But WHAT A DIFFERENCE that makes!

I sit here and think, "Oh shit I can't do this ... it's beyond me ..." and then I DO SOMETHING ABOUT THAT THOUGHT, right away, there and then.

Or I get wound up with something, and I notice that and STOP, walk away, don't go back until I am thinking clearly again.

This goes to ALL AND EVERY PERCEIVED LIMITATION any of us might have about business and success in general.

Business is tricky. It's full of things that need to be learned. Attitudes need adjusting, you have to have energy and ENTHUSIASM as we have discussed earlier, you have to have vision and you need to be able to deal with your self first of all.

But all of that, which is such a struggle to the general public and they don't even know WHY they are procrastinating so much or won't do this or that or come up with heaps of excuses like the failing claimants on Dragon's Den as to WHY this and that and then there's the wife ...

... that's just a simple thing that a bit of focus overcomes nicely, and then it ceases to exist.

That's the difference between MindMillion and any other prosperity approach.

You choose what you want to do, then you do it, and you make sure you leap across your various shadows with the aid of our 21st century emotional control techniques.

If you get "wounded", you heal that and go back for another turn UNTIL YOU GET IT RIGHT.



And completely impossible before the energy techniques came along.

I tell ya guys, without that "emotional control" thing I would have NEVER dared authorise that ad - simply because I would have been so absolutely TERRIFIED of "the phones not ringing".

Without it, I'd be too scared to ever approach someone for a JV, or to sink my earnings into some brand new scheme, or to even make a COMPLETE COMMITMENT to any one given project.

Businessman, know thyself.

I'm terrified of financial advisors and lawyers and yet at the same time I laugh because I KNOW COMPLETELY AND WITHOUT A DOUBT that when it comes to it, ONE MINUTE of sorting that out will make it go away and it'll be easy to get started on the processes involved.

It's just a question of deciding to do it now.

And that is SUCH a difference to what there used to be in success development, it's like a different world with different rules altogether now.

We talk about all sorts of things on this list, but I just wanted to be clear and to remind us all, and myself included, what we've got here, how lucky we are to be the first generation to have this stuff to help us challenge our own crazy beliefs and emotional reversals and succeed in sorting that out - so WE get to GET ON WITH LIFE.


Now that's something to be VERY grateful for, I'd say.

And something to remember - and not just in moments of crisis, but all the time.


Silvia Hartmann


Addendum - A Case In Point:

The Tribulations Of The Mermaid!

"The difference is that we have ways and means to control our emotions."

I had a real example of this tonight.

I need to get started on a series of 13 paintings for the fairy tale book and for some reason have procrastinated over that like no tomorrow.

So and after giving great motivational speeches on the MindMillion list earlier on (rather than starting the paintings!!!) I decided that I MUST put my paintbrush where my mouth is and get this show on the road.

I felt really skittish and nervous immediately; got myself involved with a discussion as to whether it might not be better to have dinner first ... but I managed to get that sorted and started looking for the draft pad.

Only, I couldn't find it.


So I searched for a while for it until I became aware of the fact that the searching in and of itself was further procrastination, so I decided to use normal paper for the drafts instead.

And you will not believe this but once I got there, there WAS NOT A SINGLE PENCIL to be found - anywhere!

That's CRAZY. I have thousands of pencils. And charcoal. And charcoal pencils. And every form of drawing equipment known to mankind - and I still couldn't find even ONE SINGLE PENCIL.

What is this?!


So who needs a draft, and who needs a pencil? Might as well do it properly from the start and just do the whole thing art solutions style straight out, first time out, with an indelible pen. Straight on some art card of which there was plenty.

The FREAKOUT that thought produced took me nearly a whole three minutes to get under control before I was laughing.

Honestly ...

Right now. So we've got some card, we have a marker pen.

Now as to the design.

If I could make a tape of the SQUAWKING in my head! I don't know what to do ... it'll be hideous ... ohmygodthisiswaybeyondme ...

For the love of God, Silvia! I said to myself. Just calm down and DO the goddamned thing, it's a piece of CAKE. You've done more difficult things a hundred times and then some!

About another 30 seconds of ET later and I finally got started.

This is now a good HOUR after first setting out on this CRUSADE!

So finally I got started, and the third line in, I made a mistake. More ET required to shut up the wailings and "I told you it was impossible's" and various nonsense indicative of disturbances in the energy system - LOL.

That seemed to have been the final frontier.

I just got on with it then. I made a few more mistakes, more than I am used to but got on with it anyway and now, some 4 hours later, I can report that the painting relating to "Deep Sea Jewels", a simple mermaid design, is completed and drying as we speak.

Good. One down, 12 to go.

No problemo.

And that *is* some form of magic, and real reality creation against your own reversals.

And just in case we should have someone here who subscribes to the Karma brigade school of procrastination, aka "If it had been meant to be, it would have materialised whilst I was sleeping, and the struggles MEAN that it wasn't and I was right to give up ..." I would say that when I really have something that my "soul" is severely opposed to, it doesn't just hide all the pencils.

I once tried to fill in an application form for a job in a moment of crisis and whilst doing that, got such a blinding migraine starting up literally within minutes that I could physically no longer see the form for the blinding light flashes.

I just about managed to throw the form at the bin - and the instant I did, the pain just went as though it had never been.

Man. I remember sitting there looking at the bin with completely clear vision, totally pain free and thinking, "Wow. Well THAT wasn't meant to be, was it!"

I propose that *if* we have some SERIOUS reasons to not do something, we can rest assured that we WON'T be doing it!


So and unless whatever you're trying to do causes a similarly severe alarm response, we can rest assured it's just weird reversals.

Anyway, the rule of thumb is "If it's real, you can't tap it away." That's from EFT but it also works with EmoTrance.

The rest is just a question of wanting to do it, and finding a way.

This could have been a tax return rather than a mermaid picture.

The principles are the same.

And that's so cool, words fail me!

Oceanic waves,

Silvia :-)

PS - Here's the pic that caused all this trouble.


So simple ... so easy ...

Posted Feb 5, 2006   
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